Auto Window Tinting Can Save You A Break In

It is rare that something good for you, is also cool for you to do. In many instances, the coolest thing isn’t the best; but when in reference to auto window tinting, this does not apply.
Auto window tints make your ride look cool and keep the interior of your vehicle cool in the hot months. Sunlight can fade the interior of your car, which, if you spent any money on luxury seats, you’ll want to keep your seats in good condition for as long as you possibly can.
Cars are large investments and, in some cases, essential for everyday life. Your vehicle is important for your transportation, which is why if anything happens to your car, it can be derailing for your life. For example, if your car is towed for parking, repossessed, totaled or broken into, it can be infuriating and disruptive to your life. Though tinted windows won’t solve all auto problems, such as crashes, it can be helpful in terms of car break-ins. Here is why:

Why do thieves steal?

A thief thinks in one way: I need this item, so I will take it.
Seems pretty simple, right? However, each thief has a different motive for why they steal, whether it is money issues, kleptomania, or they feel that they have been unjustly kept from having nice things like you do. Whatever the reason, they decide that if an opportunity to steal something that is not theirs occurs, they will take it. There are so many burglaries in America, that according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, there is a burglary every 13 seconds.
Though this statistic should cause a bit of an alarm, don’t be too worried. Though there are a lot of people who do steal, you can do certain things to deter their attempt and success of robbing you. One being to tint your car’s windows.

Benefits of Tinted Windows

They can’t see what’s inside

The biggest benefit of tinting your windows is that thieves won’t be able to see inside your car. According to a recent finding, 75 percent of car burglaries are related to the thieves seeing something they want inside. Only 25 percent of car burglaries are related to stealing the vehicle itself.
By knowing this statistic, it would make the most sense to get auto window tints. Especially, if it means you can keep your stuff from being stolen. If burglars can’t see inside your vehicle, they won’t be tempted to steal your items.

Your windows won’t get broken

Most times when a thief wants to steal, they will make a quick grab at something they see. If your items are enticing enough, a thief can easily bust your windows to reach for the item. So, not only are your items stolen, but now you will have to figure out how to pay for your windows. Even if you have insurance, you will still have to do without your car while it is getting fixed, which can be burdensome.

Where to get your windows tinted?

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