Temperatures in Nashville go through the roof during the summer, and while window tinting can go a long way towards reducing the temperature of your car, it won’t be able to protect your paint job. Here are a few ways you can keep your car’s finish looking like new through the summer.


Wash your Car

The key to maintaining your car’s perfect finish is to wash it frequently. It’s best to do this yourself, rather than taking it to a drive-thru car wash. Start by rinsing off any dust and grime that’s built up since your last wash. Then, use a gentle detergent and a non-abrasive cotton cloth to deep clean the surface. Be gentle when removing bugs or stuck-on dirt, as aggressive scrubbing can damage the finish. Once you’re satisfied with the cleanliness, rinse the car with a gentle spray.


Dry Your Car

While you can let the sun dry your car, it’s best to take the time and dry it by hand. Use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to soak up the water. This keeps water spots at a minimum and will prevent any damage from the water’s mineral deposits.


Use Wax

Waxing your car after washing it will restore that new-car shine and also helps keep your car cleaner, longer. A good wax will help reduce the damage from UV rays, but it must be applied regularly for the best effect.


Install a Paint Protection Film

For maximum protection, we recommend covering your car with a paint protection film. Our high-quality film will protect against acidic insect splatter and bird droppings that can damage your car’s finish. Additionally, the film helps reduce the severity of scratches from road debris and flying gravel. Our film protects your car without any special maintenance. Simply wash and wax your car as normal to keep your finish looking showroom fresh. Contact us to schedule an estimate today!