The sun gives us life, and it certainly gives us sweet tan lines. But it also makes driving a hassle when its rays are pointing directly at our eyes. So what are we to do? In this blog, the Nashville car window tinting experts at Accu Tint will give you tips for ways to avoid dreaded glare while on the road.

Use your sun visor.

Sun visors are a miraculous invention, aren’t they? When things get a little sunny, you can flip that bad boy down and keep the sun from distracting you from safe driving (or from pan-searing your eyeballs). Be sure to push your visor as close to your windshield as possible so you’re able to see traffic lights and have a clear view of the road.

Wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses make you look super cool—but they also help you avoid glare from the sun while you’re driving around town. Get yourself a pair with polarized lenses to protect your eyes, and keep them in your car at all times so you’re never without sunglasses when you need them the most.

Clean off your windshield.

The sun can impede your vision while you’re on the road—but it will be even worse if you have all kinds of dust, debris, mud, or other substances on your windshield. These substances will distort light even more, and make it much harder to see where you’re going—so give your windshield a thorough cleaning (inside and out) at the gas station or in your garage, and rub the windshield down with a little vinegar afterward to slow down the rate at which gunk and grime build up on your windshield in the future.

Take a different route.

Sometimes, the route you take from the office to your house points you right at the sun for the entirety of your drive—and that can compromise your safety and make your commute a literal headache. Try a different route that’s either more shady (in a good way), or doesn’t point you directly toward the sun—this could make your commute a whole lot more enjoyable for you and others on the road.

Get your windows tinted.

While all of the tips listed above will help you deal with glare from the sun, they treat the symptoms of the problem instead of the cause of it. You need a solution that helps you deal with the sun when your visor doesn’t quite do the trick, when your sunglasses are busted, when your windshield is clean as a whistle, and when you just can’t take a different route to get where you need to go.

Fortunately, that’s where window tinting can help. Professional car window tinting can reduce your exposure to UV rays from the sun and virtually eliminate intense glare from the sun, making driving simple and easy no matter where you’re headed. For the best in auto window tinting, choose Accu Tint—Nashville’s choice for window tinting for cars, homes, and commercial spaces. Don’t wait until the sun is frying your eyes—get started with Accu Tint today!