window-tintingSafe Auto Operation
Everyone loves the look of tinted windows on their car, truck, or suv. But aside from striking good looks, is it really true that a vehicle with high quality window film is safer than one that is not? Well, if you have been looking for reasons to “ justify” having your vehicle treated to a mini makeover, you’re in luck. And the beauty part? They’re all true:
Better Visibility – one of the first things you’ll notice with the application of high quality window film to your vehicle is the striking amount of glare reduction. Not only does this make driving during high glare times (like bright drive-time sun or reflecting off a snow-covered ground) much easier and more comfortable, the increased visibility you will experience dramatically increases your chances of avoiding accidents due to impaired vision from the effects of intense glare.
Car Accidents – Accidents do happen, and often result in shattered glass flying everywhere, causing great danger of increased injury. Windows clad with high quality film have a distinct advantage over others as the film creates a protective layer that helps prevent glass from shattering once it is broken, making your windows more durable, and you, safer.
Harmful UV Rays – It’s a little known fact that more than 53% of skin cancer occurs on the left side of the body. Any idea why? That’s right, you guessed it. Now think about how many UV rays you’re not exposed to on the commute to and from work alone – with the addition of window tint. Note also that the sun accelerates aging on your car interior as well. With the addition of tint, your interior is also protected from the damaging effects of UV rays.
Theft Protection – Protect your personal possessions with privacy glass. The legal limit still demands that your windows be at least somewhat transparent, but it leaves your belongings less exposed. Many state laws will allow you to go darker on the back half for greater protection.
Protect Your Baby – Your babies need extra protection, and you want to keep them as safe and cozy as possible while traveling. Tinted windows offer the perfect solution for rejecting heat and providing more shade and comfort for your precious little ones in the back.