a-lotta-windows.-500x181Now that’s a lot of windows!
We don’t need to remind you that the weather’s changing – and fast! Remember how hard your air conditioning system worked to keep your home cool this summer? Or how about last winter’s toll on your heating system – not to mention your energy bill? Is part of your annual fall home maintenance painstakingly cutting, measuring and applying wasteful temporary insulation the windows of your home? We suspect these are probably not among your favorite subjects to dwell upon. But what if they could be?

Window Tint recommended by the US Dept. of Energy
What if you loved nostalgically walking down memory lane, remembering the days when you had to face astronomical heating and cooling bills? Applying tint film to your windows is so effective that the U.S. Department of Energy has created special programs including tax incentives available to homeowners who choose to clad the windows of their homes with window tint.

Save money with house window tint
Not only does window tint lock warmth from the sun within your home, preventing it to escape through the window as would normally, it also safely filters out damaging uv rays. In addition, your summers will remain a lot cooler as well, as expensive heat gain is blocked from penetrating your windows.

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