Tinting your car windows can be an incredibly useful upgrade, especially in a sunny state like Tennessee. While many shops in Nashville offer window tinting services, not all of them will be the highest quality. Always Do you know the signs of a bad tint job?


  • Bubbling in the film. This is one of the most obvious signs of a poor tint job. Since the window tint is applied as a film, it must be properly smoothed onto the window. The presence of bubbles indicates that the installer was careless. Over time, the film may start to peel due to heat and wear and tear, further reducing the effectiveness of the tint.
  • Film that doesn’t cover the edges. If the tinting film does not go all the way up to the edge of the window, leaving visible gaps between the film and the edge, the installer was sloppy. A proper tint job should cover the entire window. The film must be cut to the exact dimensions in order to ensure proper coverage.
  • Damage to the weather stripping. Check the weather stripping at the base of your window for any signs of damage. Careless shops will not take the time to protect your weatherstripping from damage as they cut the film to fit the window. Over time, this can cause your weatherstripping to become brittle or rip away from your window. At Accu Tint, we always take the time to prepare your car correctly.

If you’re looking for a high-quality window tinting service, look no further than Accu Tint. Our experts have served Nashville since 1999 and stand by our work with a full lifetime warranty.