Car window tinting does more than make your car look sleek and fierce. In this blog, the Nashville window tinting experts will show you how a quick tint can save you money and protect your vehicle.

You’ll keep that leather interior fresh and new.

Leather—especially black leather—is prone to fading over time with exposure to the sun. This isn’t exactly the ideal fate for the interior of your blacked out Mercedes, is it? Keep your leather interior fresh and new by tinting your windows—your leather will be less prone to cracking, warping, and fading, ensuring that your German-engineered investment looks better for longer.

You’ll block harmful UV rays.

Exposure to UV rays can cause premature skin aging and skin cancer—and contrary to popular belief, these rays can travel right through your untinted car windows. A Skin Cancer Foundation study states that 53 percent of all skin cancer cases exclusively affect the left side (driver’s side) of the body—not exactly what you want to hear if spend a lot of time on the road.

Automotive tinting with protective film can block up to 99 percent of UV rays from entering your vehicle, guarding you against the risk of UV damage whether you’re the driver, the shotgun rider, or the annoying backseat driver. Tinting isn’t terribly expensive, which provides you with a great investment and even greater peace of mind.

You’ll protect your car from the greenhouse effect.

Well, not completely. No matter how much you tint your windows, the sun radiating down on your car over the course of a hot day will turn your vehicle into a hot potato on wheels. However, automotive window tinting can reduce solar heat in your vehicle by 35-65 percent—making grabbing onto your molten steering wheel a little more bearable. Plus, you’ll save on fuel costs by running your AC at a lower level. That’s pretty cool.

You’ll prevent glass from shattering.

A great deal of personal injury in high-speed car crashes comes from lacerations due to shattered windshields and windows—but this isn’t an issue when you have automotive tinting installed. Heavy-duty window tinting can hold glass in place during a collision, eliminating the possibility of flying shards of glass, and can even prevent drivers and passengers from being launched through their windshields in the event of a high-speed accident. Plus, tinting can prevent thieves from shattering your windows to steal the valuables in your car. Speaking of thieves…

You’ll keep wandering eyes away from your car.

Thieves have no reason to bust into a car unless they know something valuable is inside—so if they can’t see inside your car at all because of your window tinting, they’ll most likely move onto more lucrative and visible vehicle interiors to find what they’re looking for. No more worrying about putting your valuables in the trunk or locking up your glovebox—with tinting, you’re turning thieves away before they realize what’s worth stealing.

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Tinting your car windows isn’t all about aesthetic—a simple tinting process can save you money and protect your vehicle. Don’t wait to protect your vehicle—schedule an appointment with Accu Tint today.