So you’re looking to make a few improvements to that trusty car of yours—great! But where do you begin? What are the best upgrades for the buck? In this blog, the Nashville car window tinting team at Accu Tint will give you some ideas on ways to make your ride much better for the road ahead.

Get the best tires out there.

Tires are where your car meets the road—they need to be able to withstand all of your hairpin turns, peel outs, and miles and miles of road trips. If you’re looking to make upgrades to your car that improve its look, performance, and safety, this is the place to start. Great tires will help your car accelerate and turn at its best, and have excellent grip that will help your car push through snow, rain, and slick roads with ease. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re in complete control of your car, and that your tires are keeping you safe and on the road for miles and miles to come.

Swap out your old sound system.

If you like to spend a lot of hours on the road (we bet you do), then you’re probably going to spend a lot of time listening to tunes and podcasts along the way. But if you have an old sound system with poor audio quality, static, and an aux cord that runs through your tape deck, you’re not going to enjoy your driving experience as much as you could.

If you want better sound in your vehicle, the only way to do it is to upgrade your entire audio system. Start by purchasing a new head unit (there are many affordable options that allow you to hook up your smartphone via USB or bluetooth), then replace the current speakers in your car with newer, high-fidelity models with better high- and low-end response. Some folks might want to add a subwoofer to their sound system, which can definitely pack a punch—but don’t overdo it. Too much bass is great for teenagers with Fast & Furious cars, but it doesn’t make for a great audio experience. If you absolutely want punchy and responsive bass in your vehicle, a three or four-inch sub will be more than enough.

Have your interior reupholstered.

This is more of a high-end upgrade—but it can transform your car’s look and feel, and make every ride more comfortable and luxurious. You might have a perfectly fine vehicle from a mechanical standpoint, but your old cloth seats will often age faster than the rest of your vehicle, trapping french-fry grease stains, tracked snow from shoes, soda spills, and other mysterious spots that can appear after long road trips. Having your seats reupholstered will give your interior a fresh and new feel, remove old stains, and provide your car with a one-of-a-kind, custom look you can’t get straight from auto manufacturers. Plus, many custom upholstery materials are stain and fade-resistant, which means those new seats you paid for will look great for as long as you own your car.

Replace your spark plugs.

Most people don’t think about their spark plugs during the life of their car—but your car won’t work without them. The spark from your spark plug ignites your fuel air mixture, starts your car, and ensures you have proper power and acceleration. If your spark plugs are functioning properly, you’ll see a huge dip in acceleration, you’ll experience random engine cuts, and you might even have trouble starting your car.

Many auto manufacturers recommend you have your spark plugs checked out at 30,000 and 100,000 miles—but if you’re looking to make improvements to your car today, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have your spark plugs switched out.

Get a cold air intake system.

There are plenty of engine modifications on the market that can make your car more powerful and fun to drive. Unfortunately, many of those upgrades can cost you thousands, like turbos and superchargers. That’s where a cold air intake system comes in handy. For only a few hundred dollars, a cold air intake system will bring cooler, more oxygen-rich air into combustion chamber—and that cooler, denser air will bring more power to your engine. It only takes a few hundred bucks, and you’re on your way to a more powerful engine and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Have your windows tinted.

All those hours on the road can leave you feeling tired and even sick—and it’s not just the Taco Bell you ate on your way to Miami. UV exposure and glare from the sun can have a negative impact on your health and ruin the experience for everyone in your car.

That’s where Accu Tint can help. Our auto window tinting solutions can help protect you and your interior, all for an affordable price. That’s an upgrade you can’t pass on. Don’t wait—schedule an appointment with us today!