safety-film-500x233You see window tinting on cars virtually everyday, but what about on office buildings? Next time you’re driving to work look around. Look for buildings that have darker windows or ones that have shine. That’s an office window tint. Once you start looking for them, you’ll be surprised how often you see them. In a previous post, we mentioned three ways in which having your office windows tinted can benefit the work environment. Today, we have three more reasons that you shouldn’t wait to have your office windows tinting done.

Cut the Glare

Having window tints or reflective tints installed on your office windows helps cut the glare while still allowing natural light into the office. This means that workers will have fewer reflections on their computer screens, and can enjoy the windows without being blinded every time they look up from their work station. This increases productivity and reduces eyestrain for workers.

Reduce UV Damage On Furnishings

Furnishing an office is never cheap. From law offices to medical practices, a lot of money is invested in  furnishings that fit in the space. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage and fade these furnishings, causing them to have a shorter lifespan and costing you more. Investing in office window tinting will protect those furnishings and reduce long term overhead.

Stop Broken Glass

No one wants to think about their office windows breaking but in the event that something happens, window tinting can help to prevent any harm to employees or clients. After window tinting is applied it helps hold the glass together, so there will be fewer shards to cause injury.

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