car-paint-picWe’ve talked about the benefits of paint protection film for your car, but there are more applications for the film than just covering your paint job. If you’re a small business owner who has invested a good amount of money into signage, it’s important to protect it. Just like your car’s paint job, your sign can fade and be damaged by the sun. Here are a few reasons you should consider letting Accu Tint protect your signs.


  • Weather conditions change. Nashville gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The constant change in temperatures can damage your sign’s material. Not only will the sun fade the material, but exposure to the changing weather can actually cause the plastic and vinyl to break down. Our protective film can help protect your sign from weather damage.
  • Keep your car wraps looking great. If you work with a fleet of vehicles with vehicle wraps advertising your business on the go, paint protection film can protect them from damage. Even the highest-quality vehicle wrap can fade due to sun damage or become scratched by careless drivers in parking lots. Keep your vehicle wrap looking like new by covering it with our paint protection film.
  • Make your street advertisements easy to clean. Sandwich boards and on-street signs are exposed to road grime and grease from passing cars. Without the right coating, they can be difficult to keep clean. Help your signs last longer with paint protection film from Accu Tint and make cleaning them as simple as spraying them with a hose.

Whether you’re looking for commercial window tinting in Nashville, or need a high-quality paint protection film installed, give the experts at Accu Tint a call. We use only the best tinting and paint protection films in the industry. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get your free estimate.