dreamstime_xxl_41927467We’ve all sat in a restaurant at some point or another, and felt that the sun was in our eyes, ruining the ambience. As a restaurant owner, you’ve probably installed curtains and blinds to help reduce glare and harsh light, but these features can ruin the view and often do little to enhance your customers’ dining experience. Luckily, Accu Tint is here to help. While you may know us for our home window tinting in Nashville, we’re more than happy to come to your restaurant.

How We Can Help

At Accu Tint, we believe that high-quality window film can make even the most open dining area more comfortable for your customers without sacrificing the views they love and have come to expect at many of Nashville’s premier dining hotspots. When you trust us with your windows, you’ll get the best window film available in the perfect tint shade.

What Your Customers Will Notice

Your customers will immediately notice a difference. They’ll be able to sit in front of a large window at sunset without worrying about the glare interfering with their vision. Best of all, they’ll feel more comfortable at your table and may even linger a bit longer for that second cocktail or dessert.

Protect Your Investment

Window film blocks harmful UV rays from making it through your windows. Over time, this can decrease your maintenance costs as upholstery, carpet, and even wood can be damaged by harsh light and intense UV rays. Furthermore, you may even see a reduction in heating and cooling costs as our high-quality window tinting film works to keep the sun out in the summer and the heat in during the winter.

Window tinting is a fantastic and simple way to upgrade the look and feel of your dining room at your Nashville restaurant. Let the home and commercial window tinting experts at Accu Tint help!

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