hotel-picAt Accu Tint, we install window tinting on just about every building you can think of. From residential homes, to commercial office buildings, window tinting can make the room more comfortable for anyone using it. We’ve even seen a number of hotels utilize window tinting to improve the look and feel of their business. If you’re a Nashville hotel or bed and breakfast owner, here are a few ways window tinting can improve your guests’ stay.

Less Glare in Your Lobby

If you have a bright, well-lit lobby, the glare in the morning and evening can be blinding. Not only will your desk staff thank you, but it will make check-in more comfortable for your guests. Rather than squinting as they walk in, they’ll be able to take off their sunglasses in comfort and may even take advantage of your lounge areas. Window tinting will reduce the amount of glare your lobby faces throughout the day.

Prevent Sun Fading

You put a lot of money into furnishing and decorating your hotel. Keeping your hotel’s furniture looking pristine improves guests’ perception of your hotel. The nicer it looks, the happier they’ll feel staying at your hotel. Window tinting blocks harmful UV rays that lead to fading and damaging your furniture. Spare yourself the expense of replacing faded furniture by keeping it from happening in the first place.

Reduce Cooling Costs

Warm weather in Nashville can last well into October. As a result, your cooling costs can stay high, even into early autumn. Window tinting helps prevent the greenhouse effect, reducing your overall cooling costs.


Whether you have a multi-story hotel, or a quaint bed and breakfast, Accu Tint can install the right shade of tinting film for your needs. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.