dreamstime_xxl_8566348Home window tinting is a significant home alteration that can greatly improve your home’s efficiency as well as your quality of life. However we realize that homeowners don’t take the decision to make this upgrade lightly. Before our customers are willing to schedule a home window tinting appointment, they often have questions about how Accu Tint will perform this service and how it will affect their home moving forward. In an attempt to make the window tinting process as convenient as possible, our Nashville technicians have answered some of the most commonly asked questions below.

How Does Home Window Tinting Work?

People have been using window tinting to control the sun’s effect on their home and personal property since the 1960s. The technology for tinting has improved greatly since these early days, preventing the discoloration and peeling that many homeowners found unattractive. In the simplest terms, tinting is applied to prevent solar loading on the window. This helps to prevent the sun from affecting your home’s internal temperature and also limits the sun’s fading effect on curtains, carpets, and furniture.

How Do I Clean My Windows After Tinting?

It’s only natural that homeowners would be concerned about how the application of tinting could potentially affect their ability to keep windows clean. Yes, you can continue to clean your windows after tinting, you just have to stay away from glass cleaners made with ingredients that can erode the film.

How Long Does Home Window Tinting Last?

With proper application and care, tinting can last quite a long time. Although lifespan for home window tinting varies with the type of glass, window construction, and location of your home, it’s generally expected that tint will last anywhere from 12 to 22 years.

Have questions about home window tinting that weren’t addressed above? The technicians at Accu Tint are always available to explain this valuable service! Contact us today.