You’ve seen the benefits of tinted car windows, reducing glare and keeping your car’s interior cool, but did you ever think that the same technology could benefit your home? Accu Tint provides residential window tinting for your home. Energy efficient windows can only do so much to keep your home cool and often fail to protect your home from damaging UV rays. Here are a few reasons you should get your home’s windows tinted:


Protect Your Furniture

UV damage is one of the most significant threats your furniture faces. Throughout the day, your furniture is subjected to high temperatures and bright light from your windows. Over time, the sun will cause fabric to fade and lose its vibrant colors, while also damaging the finish on wood and stone surfaces. Window tinting will reduce the glare of the sun and significantly reduce the amount of UV light that enters your home. Keep your curtains pulled back and enjoy the daylight without damaging your furniture.


Reduce Cooling Costs In the Summer

Everyone knows that natural light is the best light for your home, but in the summer, letting the sun in can dramatically increase your cooling costs. While double-pane windows reduce the heat transfer, they can only do so much. Older single-pane windows often have little in the way of insulating properties. Window tinting will provide enough of a barrier against the sun’s greenhouse effect and will significantly reduce your cooling costs in the summer.


Glare be Gone!

Who isn’t familiar with the dreaded glare on your television or computer screen? It’s distracting and makes watching your favorite movie nearly impossible during the day. Over time, you’ll find that the glare strains your eyes as you try to look at the screen in much the same way as walking outside in the bright sun without sunglasses. Even closing your blinds may not provide enough protection against the glare. With window tinting, you’ll notice a significant reduction in the glare on your screens, making it easier to enjoy your shows during the day without sacrificing natural lighting in your room.


Increase Privacy

No one likes the feeling of being watched inside their home. When we apply our tinting film to your windows, you’ll not only see a reduction in the glare, but also a reduction in what is visible from the outside. Window tinting will also provide more privacy at night, making it more difficult for passers by to see what’s going on, even when you have the lights on.


Buffer Against Broken Glass

When untinted windows are broken, the glass can shatter, becoming embedded in your carpet and posing a safety risk to children and pets who may accidentally cut themselves on the broken glass. While window tinting won’t make your windows shatter-proof, it can significantly reduce the amount of glass that falls on your floor. Since our window tint is applied as a film, any broken shards of glass stay attached to the film rather than scattering on the floor.


Odd-shaped Windows are Simple to Coat

Our residential window tinting film can be cut to fit any window. While curtains and blinds hide the interesting shapes of your round or arched windows, our tinting film lets you enjoy those interesting shapes without enduring any blinding glare.
Window tinting is an affordable way to reduce heat and glare in your home without the hassle and expense of replacing your windows. At Accu Tint, we use only the highest quality film, promising you the best in durability and clarity. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.