1. Can Window Tint Save Your Life?

    QUESTION: Can window tint save your life? ANSWER: Let us count the ways! ON THE ROAD 1. Avoiding Auto Accidents by Reducing Glare Glare blindness is a serious issue that causes many auto collisions, some of which are fatal. It’s amazing to realize that the addition of glare-reducing performance window tint to your vehicle could save your life…Read More

  2. Window Tint = Savings on Energy & Efficiency

    Where does your energy bill go? The US Department of Energy tells us that as much as 43% of our home energy bill is consumed by heating and cooling. Now that’s a pretty motivating figure. In fact, it’s hard to hear numbers like that and not get motivated. Getting that bill in the mail is even more motivating. Maybe you’re thinking, “there…Read More

  3. Protect Your Home & Family with Window Tinting

    Protect Your Home If you’re like most Middle Tennesseans, your home is your world. It’s where you care for your family, entertain friends, and relax when you can in the sanctuary you’ve built up with memories stored in unique, one-of-a-kind valuables, and decor you’ve finally gotten just right after years of tweaking. Ah…. home! Dangerous…Read More

  4. Legal Levels of Window Tinting & Reflectiveness Standards

    Window Tint a Popular Choice There are many great reasons to have window tint professionally applied to your vehicle. From a cooler interior, reduced glare, and increased fuel efficiency all the way to legally recognizable medical needs, window tint has continued to rise in popularity. Know the Laws Whatever your reason, it’s important to determi…Read More

  5. How to Help Your Vehicle Beat the Summer Heat!

    When it comes to summer, the one word that most comes to mind is “HOT”! And it’s true. Summer can become sticky and scorching (ouch!) when your bare skin comes into contact with your vehicle’s interior. Who wants to risk third-degree burns every time they get in the car? Not to mention the dangerous accident-causing glare in your eyes, sudd…Read More

  6. Window Tinting FAQ’s

    With this nice weather are you thinking it’s the perfect time to get your windows tinted? Accu-Tint agrees! Are you looking for some answers to frequently asked questions about window tinting? We’ve got them for you! How long does it take to get my windows tinted? Installation time ranges from 1 to 3 hours depending on how many windows are bein…Read More

  7. Benefits of Ceramic Film

    Thinking about getting window tint but you’re not sure if you want ceramic tint or a generic tint? There are a few things you should know about ceramic window tint before you make a decision! Questions like What makes it different? Is there a price difference between it and other types of tint? Ceramic film can be more expensive than other types,…Read More

  8. Protection From Potholes

    Have you seen the potholes covering Nashville’s roads this week? They.Are.AWFUL! Trying to avoid them is near impossible! First, you hit the pothole. Then loose concrete flies up and hits your car. Then your paint is dinged…. and then you’re mad. Don’t get mad. Get protected today with Accu-Tint’s special paint protection film. Accu-Tint …Read More

  9. Protect Your Cars Paint!

    Your car isn’t just a vehicle to get you to and from work; it’s an investment! Like all investments, you want to protect it as much as possible! One of the best ways to protect your vehicles exterior is with paint protection film from Accu-Tint in Nashville. Paint Protection film protects your car from insect stains and abrasions, scratches and…Read More

  10. Protecting Your Interior

    Despite what many people might actually think, car windows which are tinted can provide numerous benefits apart from those which are simply aesthetic – the main one being interior protection. Whether you have a classic car or a newer car, your interior needs to be protected. Carpets, leather seating, dashboards and steering wheels can all be dama…Read More