1. 7 MORE Uses for Window Tint Film

    Everyone knows window tint film is an outstanding option for controlling glare and heat gain for vehicle windows as well as home and commercial building windows. Here are seven more less commonly considered, but equally effective uses for window film. Enjoy! 1) INCREASE SAFETY Improves visibility to help customers avoid accidentally walking into gl…Read More

  2. Can Window Tint Save Your Life?

    QUESTION: Can window tint save your life? ANSWER: Let us count the ways! ON THE ROAD 1. Avoiding Auto Accidents by Reducing Glare Glare blindness is a serious issue that causes many auto collisions, some of which are fatal. It’s amazing to realize that the addition of glare-reducing performance window tint to your vehicle could save your life…Read More

  3. Save Money with House Window Tint

    Now that’s a lot of windows! We don’t need to remind you that the weather’s changing – and fast! Remember how hard your air conditioning system worked to keep your home cool this summer? Or how about last winter’s toll on your heating system – not to mention your energy bill? Is part of your annual fall home maintenance painstakingly cu…Read More

  4. Tinted Auto Windows for Safer Operation

    Tinted auto windows look great. It’s just that simple! For many years, the application of custom window tint fitted to a car, truck, limousine, or any other vehicle, was looked upon as a status symbol most often reserved for those with celebrity status. It’s funny how much things have changed. Today we know that tinted auto windows are more tha…Read More

  5. Window Tint = Savings on Energy & Efficiency

    Where does your energy bill go? The US Department of Energy tells us that as much as 43% of our home energy bill is consumed by heating and cooling. Now that’s a pretty motivating figure. In fact, it’s hard to hear numbers like that and not get motivated. Getting that bill in the mail is even more motivating. Maybe you’re thinking, “there…Read More

  6. Privacy Window Tint for Your Commercial Property

    Windows are Wonderful. There’s no substitute for being able to look out upon a sparkling day through a beautiful window. In fact, it’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. We like windows a lot. Still, an abundance of peering passersby can sometimes leave your customers or employees feeling more than a little exposed. Furthermore, fo…Read More

  7. Protect Your Home & Family with Window Tinting

    Protect Your Home If you’re like most Middle Tennesseans, your home is your world. It’s where you care for your family, entertain friends, and relax when you can in the sanctuary you’ve built up with memories stored in unique, one-of-a-kind valuables, and decor you’ve finally gotten just right after years of tweaking. Ah…. home! Dangerous…Read More

  8. Legal Levels of Window Tinting & Reflectiveness Standards

    Window Tint a Popular Choice There are many great reasons to have window tint professionally applied to your vehicle. From a cooler interior, reduced glare, and increased fuel efficiency all the way to legally recognizable medical needs, window tint has continued to rise in popularity. Know the Laws Whatever your reason, it’s important to determi…Read More

  9. Safe Auto Operation With Tinted Windows

    Safe Auto Operation Everyone loves the look of tinted windows on their car, truck, or suv. But aside from striking good looks, is it really true that a vehicle with high quality window film is safer than one that is not? Well, if you have been looking for reasons to “ justify” having your vehicle treated to a mini makeover, you’re in luck. An…Read More

  10. Window Tinting Films – What’s the Difference?

    By now you probably know that having window tinting professionally applied to your vehicle is an excellent and highly popular choice. The reasons are probably pretty clear as well – no pun intended. The application of window tinting provides a host of great benefits, like protecting your vehicle’s interior from premature wear and fading, elimin…Read More