1. Professional Window Tinting Versus DIY Window Tinting Part 2

    In our last blog post from Accu Tint in Nashville, we explored the pros and cons of choosing to go the DIY route for tinting your car’s windows. Cost savings are generally the biggest influencer for folks who want to try their hand at a window tinting application, but as we discussed, experience, a clean space, and the right tools make all the di…Read More

  2. Professional Window Tinting Versus DIY Window Tinting Part 1

    When it comes to commuting on a sunny day in Nashville, folks with tinted windows on their car are grateful, and folks without it are forced to deal with nature. Our warm muggy days turn your car into an oven in no time, making your drive uncomfortable at best until your AC really gets going. But worse than that is the interior of your car, from th…Read More

  3. 6 Benefits of Auto Window Tint

    Auto window tint provides a lot of benefits, and therefore a lot of value, to people who own or use cars that have it. There are few places where that is truer than in locations that tend to get a lot of sun. Without auto window tint on your vehicle, you, your car, and your car’s dash, trim, and even its electronics can all suffer the consequence…Read More

  4. 5 Misconceptions About Window Tinting

    Beyond the initial purchase of your car, it can be hard to justify spending even more money on it. There’s a chip in your windshield? Dog hair and paw prints stuck in the upholstery? Coffee stains? A poor sound system? Even though it’s nice to have a like-new car for as long as you have it, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the mainten…Read More

  5. When is Paint Protection Film Needed?

    Deciding whether or not you want your car’s windows tinted is an easy process. If you find that the sun is making your drive uncomfortable, your car can benefit from tinting film. However, deciding whether or not your car can benefit from paint protection film is a challenge for many of our customers. How do you know if your car needs a protectiv…Read More

  6. Should You Tint Your Greenhouse?

    Everyone knows the summer sun can get intense in Nashville and it makes for some incredibly hot days that can damage your entire garden in a matter of hours. While many are content to hang tarps or sheer screens over their plants to protect them from damaging UV rays, more people are looking into greenhouses as an alternative garden space. Traditio…Read More

  7. Answers To Three Common Questions About Tinting Car Windows

    Auto window tinting is a major vehicle upgrade that can give your car or truck a sleek, sophisticated look. As one of the most experienced window tinting businesses in the Nashville area, however, Accu Tint realizes that it’s also a big decision. Your car is your baby and we know that you don’t want to make a change that will decrease its value…Read More

  8. Window Tinting Films – What’s the Difference?

    By now you probably know that having window tinting professionally applied to your vehicle is an excellent and highly popular choice. The reasons are probably pretty clear as well — no pun intended. The application of a window film provides a host of great benefits, like protecting your vehicle’s interior from premature wear and fading, elimina…Read More

  9. TN Window Tint Laws

    Thinking about getting your windows tinted in Tennessee but want to stay within the legal limits? Below you’ll find the tint laws for Middle Tennessee. The darkness of tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT percent). In Tennessee, this percentage refers to the percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination …Read More