1. Professional Window Tinting Versus DIY Window Tinting Part 2

    In our last blog post from Accu Tint in Nashville, we explored the pros and cons of choosing to go the DIY route for tinting your car’s windows. Cost savings are generally the biggest influencer for folks who want to try their hand at a window tinting application, but as we discussed, experience, a clean space, and the right tools make all the di…Read More

  2. Professional Window Tinting Versus DIY Window Tinting Part 1

    When it comes to commuting on a sunny day in Nashville, folks with tinted windows on their car are grateful, and folks without it are forced to deal with nature. Our warm muggy days turn your car into an oven in no time, making your drive uncomfortable at best until your AC really gets going. But worse than that is the interior of your car, from th…Read More

  3. 6 Benefits of Auto Window Tint

    Auto window tint provides a lot of benefits, and therefore a lot of value, to people who own or use cars that have it. There are few places where that is truer than in locations that tend to get a lot of sun. Without auto window tint on your vehicle, you, your car, and your car’s dash, trim, and even its electronics can all suffer the consequence…Read More

  4. Signs Your Window Tinting Needs Repair

    People who love their cars, love their cars. Any tiny scratch, bug on the grill, hair on the seat, or anyone who even remotely tries to sit in the car with food or drinks — forget about it. So when your car’s window tinting begins to peel away a tiny bit in a corner, you notice it immediately and take it right away to Accu Tint for repair! Howe…Read More

  5. How To Choose A Professional Window Tinting Company

    Investing in an auto window tint for your car can be a great way to cut down on annoying glare while driving, to keep your car more comfortable, and to improve your vehicle’s security. If you have decided you are going to take the plunge and purchase car window tinting in Nashville, make sure you find the right team for the job. Check out these t…Read More

  6. Creating An Environmentally Friendly Office

    If you are operating an office and you want to become more environmentally friendly, there are a variety of approaches you can take to ensure you are kind to the planet. As commercial window tinting experts in Nashville, we work with numerous offices to help cut down on energy costs, which in turn leads a to a planet-friendly office. From conservin…Read More

  7. Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Car During The Summer

    As a dog lover, you most likely enjoy taking your four-legged pal with you almost anywhere you go. From making a bank run to getting a coffee and sharing a puppuccino with your furry pal, nothing is better than cruising around town with your dog alongside you. However, during the summer months, it can become extremely hot inside your car. Nashville…Read More

  8. Reducing Sunshine Glare While Driving

    The sun gives us life, and it certainly gives us sweet tan lines. But it also makes driving a hassle when its rays are pointing directly at our eyes. So what are we to do? In this blog, the Nashville car window tinting experts at Accu Tint will give you tips for ways to avoid dreaded glare while on the road. Use your sun visor. Sun visors are a mir…Read More

  9. Tips For a Great Road Trip

    You’ve picked the perfect destination, a great route, and the perfect travelling companions. You can make your next road trip that much more enjoyable with the following tips. Get set for the best road trip ever! Get Your Car Inspected Making sure you car is in tip-top mechanical shape is of utmost importance if you are travelling away from home.…Read More

  10. UV Ray Damage

    We’re all aware of the harmful effects of tanning, whether in a tanning bed or outside at the beach. If you can recall any of your high school classes, the damage comes from UVA and UVB rays. While sunburns can heal, the damage from these rays can extend beyond sunburns. Both skin cancer and vision problems/diseases can be ignited through UVA and…Read More