Best in the business with 10+ years of experience

I recently had my BMW M3 tinted by Lucas at Accu-Tint in Madison. I drove all the way from Knoxville just to have my car tinted there. I did this for a couple reasons, one is that I chose the Huper Optic German film. This film is absolutely amazing and blocks a considerable amount more heat and UV than traditional films. The film has no dyes in it and utilizes gold and silver to create its look. It really speaks well of Accu-Tint that they are the only installer of films like Huper Optic anywhere in the Southeast….The second reason was their installer, Lucas, who has done several cars for me in the past and I must say he is one of the best in the business with 10+ years of experience…..Accu-Tint stands by its work and will ensure your satisfaction. Stop by Accu-Tint for a quote. I am sure you will be very impressed with the results as I was!

Happy Accu-Tint Inc. Customer