glaring-sun-500x281QUESTION: Can window tint save your life?
ANSWER: Let us count the ways!

1. Avoiding Auto Accidents by Reducing Glare
Glare blindness is a serious issue that causes many auto collisions, some of which are fatal. It’s amazing to realize that the addition of glare-reducing performance window tint to your vehicle could save your life, or that of your loved ones. With winter’s icy and snowy climate just around the corner, the potential for glare blindness is soon to be higher than ever.

2. Minimizing Risk of Hijacking
What do hijackers and auto thieves look for? An easy mark. Installing a darker (but still legal, of course) auto window tint is a great deterrent that effectively increases your safety against this threat. Criminals who can’t see what they’re looking for tend to quickly move on to greener pastures.

3. Preventing Skin Cancer
Whether it’s in front of the windows at home, the office, or driving in the car, most Americans spend countless hours absorbing dangerous UV rays into their skin without even realizing it. UV ray blocking window tint filters out those harmful UV rays, seriously minimizing your risk of developing potentially cancerous melanomas.

4. Reducing the Possibility of Burglaries
Just as auto window tint poses an effective deterrent against hijacking and theft risk, so does the application of window tint film to your home or office space. While incidences of violent crime including home invasion continue to rise, adding home or commercial window tint offers smart protection for your safety.

5. Surviving a Natural Disaster
When you find yourself facing down a deadly weather event such as a hurricane, tornado or earthquake surrounded by soon to be shattered glass, it’s not a great feeling. But the application of window tint film adds a protective adhesive layer that serves to render the glass intact, rather than allowing razor sharp glass shards to go hurtling throughout the space.

Bad things happen.
But with the addition of high quality performance window film to your home, office or vehicle, you stand a much better chance that they won’t. Contact Accu-Tint today to schedule a free, no hassle or obligation estimate at 615-859-5519 or contact us here for information on special offers and updates! We’re here to help.