filmWhen it comes to summer, the one word that most comes to mind is “HOT”! And it’s true. Summer can become sticky and scorching (ouch!) when your bare skin comes into contact with your vehicle’s interior. Who wants to risk third-degree burns every time they get in the car? Not to mention the dangerous accident-causing glare in your eyes, suddenly blinding you to oncoming traffic.

Sunlight gets trapped inside your vehicle, causing, for example, an 80°F outdoor climate temperature to reach over temperatures of more than 120°F! Not only are these temperatures harmful to your body over an extended period of time, but they also impart unnecessary wear and tear upon your vehicle. The good news: with the proper precautions there are many ways to keep your vehicle cool in the blazing summer heat.

Among the most common methods to help your vehicle beat the heat are the simple use of blankets placed upon the seats, as well as windshield sunshades and visors. Each of these is effective in shielding your vehicle’s interior from direct sunlight. And speaking of simple, parking your vehicle in a garage, beneath an overhang, and seeking out a spot in the shade are all great, common sense solutions to help avoid your vehicle’s interior being transformed into an oven while you are out.

Unfortunately, none of these options are helpful while driving. Many drivers choose to counter the damaging effects of summer sun upon their vehicle by having their car windows professionally tinted. Tinted glass allows light to pass through, but much bounces off. The amount reflected varies in accordance with the type and darkness of the film chosen. While professional window tinting does an excellent job of blocking harmful rays, another great benefit is that it provides no interference with radio frequencies or electronic control systems.

So why not give your Greater Nashville area Accu-Tint Inc. a call today to help your vehicle beat the summer heat? You’ll be glad you did. We will install custom window tinted specially selected to meet your all needs with precision and excellence! Don’t forget, we also offer commercial glass coating in the Goodlettsville, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and the entire middle Tennessee area. For more information, call Accu-Tint today at (615) 378-5339 to schedule a free, no hassle or obligation estimate – or contact us here for information on special offers and updates!