privacy-window-tinting-780x300Windows are Wonderful.
There’s no substitute for being able to look out upon a sparkling day through a beautiful window. In fact, it’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. We like windows a lot. Still, an abundance of peering passersby can sometimes leave your customers or employees feeling more than a little exposed. Furthermore, for many businesses, too much exposure can be a security risk.

Custom Privacy Window Tinting
Have you been considering adding custom privacy window tinting to your commercial space? Window tint films come in varying degrees of light transmission. That means you can pick the window tint level that best meets your company’s needs. Many of our clients enjoy a creative application in which darker privacy tint is employed on only a key portion of the window, with the remainder finished in a more transparent film selection. That way, you continue to receive all the benefits of reduced glare, UV ray filtration, reduced heat gain (leading to lower energy costs), and protection of your interior assets – not to mention an all around more comfortable environment for your customers and staff.

Up to 15 degrees of Saved Temperature!
As if the effect of much needed privacy didn’t speak strongly enough, the numbers surely do: window tinting can reduce up to 85% of the heat from the sun, offer 99% rejection of UV radiation and reduce 95% of the glare. One more impressive number: custom window tinting for your professional space can amount to 15 degrees of saved temperature. 15 degrees! That’s pretty remarkable, if we do say so ourselves.

To Learn More
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