Your car isn’t just a vehicle to get you to and from work; it’s an investment! Like all investments, you want to protect it as much as possible! One of the best ways to protect your vehicles exterior is with paint protection film from Accu-Tint in Nashville.

Paint Protection film protects your car from insect stains and abrasions, scratches and nicks, small road debris damage and winter road salt and sand (which we have a lot of right now!).

Accu-Tint offers the next generation of protection for your vehicle’s paint finish – whether you’re looking to preserve your vehicle’s appearance or minimize leased vehicle turn back charges which ca get COSTLY. Our specialized service offers protection for vulnerable areas of your vehicle such as the hood, fenders, mirrors, grilles and bumpers.

As we all know, the minute you drive your new car off the lot, it’s not so new anymore! Protect your cars paint! Traditional methods of protecting your car’s paint, such as bras and bug shields, can actually cause further damage, are unsightly and obscure the color brilliance you were originally aiming to protect. On top of that, they aren’t very cute!

Accu-Tint uses the latest, most advanced development in automotive paint finish protection. This nearly undetectable, protective urethane film is designed to resist impact from the everyday damaging road hazards such as gravel, debris, stones, road salt and even insects.

Our films are computer cut according to your vehicle’s make and model so it fits like a glove on the most chip-prone surfaces, such as the hood, mirrors and bumpers, requiring no drilled holes or special fasteners like other protection products. So, while you won’t even notice it’s there, it will be constantly hard at work helping to protect your vehicle from costly chips, nicks and scratches.

The best thing of all? Our films require no special maintenance! All you have to do is clean, wash and wax your vehicle the same way you always have and it will maintain itself!

Call Accu-Tint today at 615-859-5519 to schedule your appointment. We’re located in Goodlettsville, right outside of Nashville.