Despite what many people might actually think, car windows which are tinted can provide numerous benefits apart from those which are simply aesthetic – the main one being interior protection.

Whether you have a classic car or a newer car, your interior needs to be protected. Carpets, leather seating, dashboards and steering wheels can all be damaged by the heat of the sun as it dries out the leather causing cracks, fading and discoloration. Having Accu-Tint tint your windows is not only protecting your investment, it’s saving you money in the long run!

Other than tinting your windows, how else can you protect your interior?

Park in the shade. I know. It seems like an obvious solution, but so many people want that spot right up in front that they forget when your car sits in the sun, that sun is beating down on your interior, potentially causing damage!

Also, use window shields! Surely you’ve seen plenty of cars with those metallic shields pressed to the inside of the windshield! They aren’t cute, but they are a cheap way to let you make your own shade and block unwanted heat from entering your parked car while also protecting your dashboard from the harsh rays that fade plastic, leather and vinyl surfaces. They can easily fold and store in your vehicle so they make for a quick and convenient way to protect your vehicles interior.

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