dreamstime_8213963Auto window tinting is a major vehicle upgrade that can give your car or truck a sleek, sophisticated look. As one of the most experienced window tinting businesses in the Nashville area, however, Accu Tint realizes that it’s also a big decision. Your car is your baby and we know that you don’t want to make a change that will decrease its value or get you in trouble with law enforcement. In an effort to make applying tinted films as painless as possible, we’ve addressed some of the most frequent concerns below.

Can I Tint All The Windows In My Car Or Just The Back?

The legality of window tinting is a significant concern for many Accu Tint customers. After all, no one wants to be pulled over by the police just because their windows are a little too dark. Tennessee tint laws dictate that tinting can be applied to the front side, back side, and rear windows, in addition to the windshield. However, the shade of tint that can be used, as well as the area that can be tinted varies from window to window.

How Do I Clean My Tinted Windows?

No one wants to ruin their new auto window tinting by accidentally using a cleaning product or method that isn’t safe for the tint. First of all, don’t clean your car right away. It takes a few days for your windows to be ready for cleaning. Second, DON’T use ammonia-based cleaners, like Windex. Instead, use a cleaner that’s vinegar or citrus based. You can also make your own, affordable window cleaner with white vinegar and water.

Why Do My Newly-Tinted Windows Look Hazy?

Another question we get a lot is why windows look cloudy or hazy in the day or two after auto window tinting is applied. Again, this is just a matter of time. It takes a two to three days for the film between the window and the tinting to completely dry. Until that happens, it’s normal to experience a little haziness.

Have questions about auto window tinting that weren’t addressed above? The technicians at Accu Tint are always available to put your fears to rest!

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