In our last blog post from Accu Tint in Nashville, we explored the pros and cons of choosing to go the DIY route for tinting your car’s windows. Cost savings are generally the biggest influencer for folks who want to try their hand at a window tinting application, but as we discussed, experience, a clean space, and the right tools make all the difference in the world. Without them, even the most dedicated DIYer can find themselves fuming and frustrated.

In Nashville, the appeal of tinting your windows is apparent. There is such a demand for it, that our professional window tinting business has thrived here for the last 20 years. In today’s post, we will talk about the pros and cons of selecting a professional window tinting company to work with on your project.

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Professional Window Tinting

When you choose a professional window tinting service, you’re much more likely to receive quality work and materials as well as a more thorough installation job, but all of that certainty and peace of mind comes at a higher cost.


Experienced Techs. When you work with a professional company like Accu Tint, you’re going to get the benefit of having a certified installer work on your professional window tinting job. Not only does this save you time, but it also helps to ensure a high-quality application job is done thoroughly. While we can’t vouch for the experience and expertise of other company’s techs, but at Accu Tint, our window tinting installation team is trained and prepared for any job.

Guarantees and Warranties. When you go the professional route, you’re much more likely to have warranties on the materials that are used and guarantees on the workmanship, too. These provisions can give you peace of mind, and they add a tremendous amount of value to your choice to spend more for a better-quality job done with top-quality materials.

Legal Compliance. When you select a professional window tinting company to tint your car’s windows, you don’t have to worry about legal compliance. It’s our business to stay on top of current laws and statutes concerning the legal limits of auto window tinting. 


Company Reputation. Like most things in life, not all professional window tinting companies are created equally. Just because you are more likely to get a good job done by a professional doesn’t guarantee it. At Accu Tint, we strongly recommend reviewing a professional window tinting company’s online reviews and testimonials to make sure that they have a strong track record of doing a good job. We’re always proud to share our client testimonials and reviews with every customer who asks us about them. After all, there are fly-by-night gas station installers and plenty of other unscrupulous or just plain old inexperienced people out there offering this service.

Higher Costs. It’s true that when you hire a professional window tinting company you need to plan to pay a premium. Professional work you can rely on costs a professional price and a team that knows the quality of its work should feel comfortable asking for what their expertise, the materials they use, and the peace of mind it gives customers are worth. At Accu Tint in Nashville, we’re not the cheapest professional window tinting company you can choose, but we are the best one. 

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