By now you probably know that having window tinting professionally applied to your vehicle is an excellent and highly popular choice. The reasons are probably pretty clear as well — no pun intended. The application of a window film provides a host of great benefits, like protecting your vehicle’s interior from premature wear and fading, eliminating the “oven” experience and scorching seats, preventing the blinding dangers of sun glare and, not to mention the sleek good looks of tinted windows on your prized ride. You may even know that window tinting involves the delicate application of a specially formulated film by a highly skilled professional, and that there are many options available.

But just what’s the difference between the all those options? How do you choose?

Window tinting film is generally made of polyester. A number of different materials are often added topically or embedded within for performance enhancement; most commonly ceramics and precious metals. The addition of pigments, dyes, and UV inhibitors creates an array of film choices that suit a variety of unique aesthetics, as well as increase heat absorption, further contributing to a cooler interior. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the dominant features of each:

Polyester Film provides:

  • Outstanding dye stability that will not fade or change colors
  • No interference with radio frequencies or electronic control systems
  • Energy saving performance married with affordability

Ceramic Film offers:

  • The greatest durability of all films
  • Greatly reduces glare & increases visibility
  • Superb protection from delamination or discoloration

Precious Metal Film offers the highest performance combination with:

  • The highest infrared and UV light rejection
  • The comfort of a cooler interior
  • Maximum protection against fading

Many of our clients’ favorite film choices are hybrids of the choices listed above, incorporating the best of desirable qualities while reducing expense. At Accu-Tint, we take pride in presenting the best technologies available in the window film industry to fit your style, performance, and budget. Don’t forget, we also offer commercial glass coating and tinting in the Goodlettsville, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and the entire middle Tennessee area.