office-tintAt Accu Tint, we believe that window tinting is a great way to make your home or office more comfortable all year round, regardless of the season. Our film offers high-quality protection against damaging UV rays and can dramatically reduce your energy bills simply by reducing the severity of the greenhouse effect in your area. However, there are a number of misconceptions about tinting film floating around. Today, we’ll debunk some of those common myths and misconceptions.


Myth #1: Window tinting film cannot be applied to double pane windows.

Quite frankly, we’re not sure where this myth came from or why it’s become so accepted as the truth. Dual pane windows are incredibly efficient and reduce energy costs associated with heating and cooling your home, however, they can still benefit from the right tinting film. In fact, some films are specifically designed to enhance the energy efficiency of dual pane windows!


Myth #2: Window film will discolor and bubble up after a few years.

This is true, but only when your tinting company uses a low-quality film. At Accu Tint, we only use the highest quality film available, guaranteed to block UV rays for years without discoloring or bubbling up. If you do notice any damage to your tinting film, we stand by our work and our products. Contact us immediately to discuss the problem.


Myth #3: All window tinting film is the same, so you can shop for the lowest price without sacrificing quality.

Window tinting film is available from many different manufacturers, and each manufacturer produces a different quality of film. While many films are high-quality and will last for years without defect or damage, opting for the cheapest option often results in an inferior tinting film and poor installation. At Accu Tint, we pride ourselves on installing only the best window tinting film we can find. While we may not be the cheapest window tinting company in Nashville, we promise to install your window film correctly the first time and we always stand behind our work.
If you’re looking for the best commercial window tinting service in Nashville, look no further than Accu Tint. Contact us today for a free estimate!