If you’re an office manager, boss, or CEO, a great deal of your success depends on the productivity of your employees. The more work your employees get done, the more earning potential you and your employees have. So how do you keep your employees happy and productive for the short- and long-term so you can grow your business and your profits?

There are many things you can do to boost employee morale in the workplace—a positive attitude, employee incentives, and a relaxed atmosphere can all make for great company culture and hard-working employees. But there’s one aspect of the workplace that many managers overlook when it comes to employee morale: office climate.

In this blog, the Nashville commercial window tinting experts at Accu Tint will show you how office temperature affects employee morale and productivity, and provide you with solutions for keeping your office at a temperature that’s comfortable for your employees and easy on your energy budget.

Office Temperature & Employee Productivity

The temperature of an office has been proven to have a huge impact on the productivity of employees. Many scientific studies and surveys indicate that there’s a “sweet spot” in office temperature for enhanced productivity, which is usually in between 68 and 75 degrees. Colder offices usually experience more typing and clerical errors than sweet spot offices, while warmer offices can make people feel sluggish and sleepy, leading to decreased working speeds and an overall dip in productivity. There are way too many variables to get truly conclusive evidence on this subject, as workplace attire and types of HVAC systems could potentially skew the results of these studies.

However, you don’t need scientists to tell you that avoiding temperature extremes is absolutely crucial for workplace comfort and productivity. Let’s take a look at some of the ways offices can keep their climate in the sweet spot and keep their employees happy, healthy, and hard at work.

Have blinds or shades installed.

Offices with large windows and near-constant sunlight are subject to the “greenhouse effect”—or the gradual heating of a confined indoor space due to heat transfer through windows— which can turn an office into a pressure cooker pretty fast. Shades and blinds can block out harsh sunlight that can cause nasty glare during the afternoon hours, and can also lessen the greenhouse effect. The only downside to blinds is that you’ll end up cutting out a lot of energizing natural light that can keep people awake and aware in your office.

Don’t get caught up in the temperature war.

There aren’t too many situations where bosses should actively fail to take action on employee complaints. However, listening too closely to employee concerns over office temperature can do a lot more harm than good.

Of course you want all of your employees to be comfortable in the workplace—but there will always be an employee or two that will never be pleased unless the temperature meets their exact climate preferences. If you entertain the temperature requests of some employees over others, you’re going to start a temperature war in your office—so find a temperature that hits the sweet spot and doesn’t put too much strain on your HVAC unit, and leave it for as long as you can.

While many studies say a slightly warmer temperature helps employees make less mistakes, these studies almost always find that more employees complain about being hot in the office than cold. If you lean on the cool side, chillier employees can always put on a sweater to make up the difference.

Tint your windows.

It’s amazing what a little window tinting can do for your energy bill and your office morale. Window tinting in your office doesn’t just reduce nasty glare from the sun—it can prevent the greenhouse effect, block UV rays, and regulate internal office temperature while still allowing natural light in. You’ll save money and have more control to get your office temperature right where you want it, which will make you and your employees happier in the workplace.

If you need tinting for your office windows, get in touch with Accu Tint. We can help you find the perfect window tinting film for your office windows—and with affordable and professional installation, you’ll be happy with the tint job for years to come. Schedule an appointment with Accu Tint today!