Auto window tint provides a lot of benefits, and therefore a lot of value, to people who own or use cars that have it. There are few places where that is truer than in locations that tend to get a lot of sun. Without auto window tint on your vehicle, you, your car, and your car’s dash, trim, and even its electronics can all suffer the consequences.


Accu Tint of Nashville offers professional auto window tint for personal and commercial vehicles, helping drivers and their machines keep cool, stay safe, and look great all year long. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at the six primary benefits of getting professional window tinting from Accu Tint.


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It Looks Great

When done well, auto window tint looks amazing on just about any vehicle. When done poorly, not so much. By trusting a professional window tint application team like Accu Tint, you ensure that you get that sleek, modern look that auto window tinting creates. So if you enjoy riding in style, professional window tinting might be right for you.

It Improves The Ambiance

Your car isn’t a workshop — at least not for most of us. So why should you have it lit up like an industrial workspace? Auto window tinting softens the light that enters your vehicle, helping to provide you and your passengers with a more relaxing and ambient ride. So if you’re someone who likes to listen to relaxing music and enjoy your drive, then window tinting might be right for you. After all, isn’t the road a stressful enough place to be without harsh, glaring light?

It Provides UV Protection

High-quality auto window tinting actually manages to block a portion of the UltraViolet light that would typically enter through your windshield. By reflecting more light and blocking some of that UV, auto window tinting keeps your car cooler while also protecting your dashboard, steering wheel, electronics, and trim. So if you’re someone who really takes pride in a clean, well-maintained car interior, then auto window tinting might be right for you.

It Increases Safety

An often overlooked benefit of auto window tinting is increased safety. In the case of an accident or a break-in, quality window tinting actually helps to hold your car’s window glass together. This can prevent lots of broken glass from entering the vehicle. Additionally, window tinting makes it harder to see inside of your vehicle, making your car a less easy target for criminals unwilling to approach it and look suspicious while trying to peer inside. So if you’re someone who worries that your belongings aren’t always safe while in your vehicle, then window tinting might be right for you.

It Offers Privacy

State law determines just how dark and reflective window tinting can be, but some varieties of auto window tint film can all but prevent someone from seeing inside. In a machine that is full of see-through windows, privacy is an undeniable luxury. If you’re someone who enjoys their privacy and has some pretty strong feelings about being stared at by your neighbor at a red light, then auto window tinting might be the right choice for you.

It Creates Energy Savings

That’s right. Auto window tint can actually help you get better gas mileage. Don’t believe us? Just think about it. When your car has been sitting out in the sun during the workday, how long does it take to get it cooled down with your AC? What if your car was a little bit cooler? Your car wouldn’t take so long to get cool, and your engine wouldn’t have to work quite so hard to keep it cool once it was there. All this adds up to extra miles over the course of your week, month, and year. So, if you’re someone who really values stretching a dollar, then professional window tinting might be right for you.

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