1. Tennessee Window Tinting Laws

    Here in Nashville, car window tinting has become a hot commodity. However, there are a number of laws in the state of Tennessee that restrict how, where, and which window tinting products can be utilized. In this blog, Accu Tint will take a look at Tennessee's window tinting laws. Our auto window tinting professionals always abide by state and loca…Read More

  2. Feeling The Burn in Your Car? You Need Car Window Tinting

    We all remember our parents lecturing us about sun safety. Whenever we’re out on the beach, hiking in the woods, and mowing the lawn, it’s crucial to protect yourself from UV exposure with hats, shades, and sunscreen. However, your parents probably overlooked the most problematic place where you’re subject to UV exposure: your car. In this bl…Read More

  3. Auto Window Tinting Reduces Burglaries

    Auto Window Tinting Can Save You A Break In It is rare that something good for you, is also cool for you to do. In many instances, the coolest thing isn’t the best; but when in reference to auto window tinting, this does not apply. Auto window tints make your ride look cool and keep the interior of your vehicle cool in the hot months. Sunlight ca…Read More

  4. Reducing Sunshine Glare While Driving

    The sun gives us life, and it certainly gives us sweet tan lines. But it also makes driving a hassle when its rays are pointing directly at our eyes. So what are we to do? In this blog, the Nashville car window tinting experts at Accu Tint will give you tips for ways to avoid dreaded glare while on the road. Use your sun visor. Sun visors are a mir…Read More

  5. The Best Car Upgrades

    So you’re looking to make a few improvements to that trusty car of yours—great! But where do you begin? What are the best upgrades for the buck? In this blog, the Nashville car window tinting team at Accu Tint will give you some ideas on ways to make your ride much better for the road ahead. Get the best tires out there. Tires are where your ca…Read More

  6. Office Temperature & Employee Productivity

    If you’re an office manager, boss, or CEO, a great deal of your success depends on the productivity of your employees. The more work your employees get done, the more earning potential you and your employees have. So how do you keep your employees happy and productive for the short- and long-term so you can grow your business and your profits? Th…Read More

  7. Tips for a Great Road Trip, Part 3

    In the previous two blogs, the Nashville car window tinting experts gave you some tips for making the most of your summer road trip by keeping your car in good shape and having the right road trip philosophy. In the third and final part of this series, we’ll give you even more tips to make your road trip smoother and more fulfilling than you coul…Read More

  8. Tips For a Great Road Trip, Part 2

    In one of our previous blogs, the Nashville car window tinting experts gave you tips for having a successful and enjoyable road trip. We’ll continue on this topic today, giving you more tips for helping you stay on the road and enjoy all the great things road trips can offer! Take more breaks. You know the type—the dad who won’t make an unsch…Read More

  9. Who Needs Window Tinting?

    Some people think that window tinting is only for high-rolling celebrities with fancy sportscars who want to look cool and drive around undetected by the general public. However, there are plenty of other applications for window tinting in the automotive world and elsewhere. In this blog, the Nashville window tinting experts will give you a few les…Read More

  10. The Benefits of Tinting

    Car window tinting does more than make your car look sleek and fierce. In this blog, the Nashville window tinting experts will show you how a quick tint can save you money and protect your vehicle. You’ll keep that leather interior fresh and new. Leather—especially black leather—is prone to fading over time with exposure to the sun. This isn…Read More